The Perfect Holiday Getaway – the Famous Hal Levitt Mid-Century Masterpiece

Looking for the best private house to rent during the Christmas holiday?
Or perhaps for your honeymoon, whichever the case may be the famous Hal Levitt Mid-Century Masterpiece is the ideal place to spend these important occasions with your family or your spouse. Located in the beautiful town of Palm Springs, this private home is a spacious and luxurious haven for those who prefer the finer things in life and wish to spend the day or weekend in utter relaxation and comfort. The famous Hal Levitt Mid-Century Masterpiece is fully furnished with outstanding amenities and fully-furnished rooms that boast all the things you’ll need.

The private house is equipped with 4 bedrooms, and each of the bedrooms having their own bathroom. The property has been widely popular within the community of Palm Springs and has been featured in various magazines and catalogs, including Lucky Magazine, Modernist Tour and Design within Reach. It has even been considered as the one of the top three houses situated in Palm Springs. The house is completely private in order for renters to feel the peace and relaxation they need. The Hal Levitt Mid-Century Masterpiece is also cleverly situated in an area overlooking great mountain views and other natural scenery that can definitely brighten your day.

The house sits on an area of nearly 4,000 square feet of livable space. It has been fitted with glass walls to take advantage over the amazing views of the San Jacinto Mountains. It sports shiny concrete floors and has two large living room areas, namely the main living room zone and the step down funky lounge that offers the best space for intimate moments or just to relax and read something. Going to the rooms, guests will find the bedrooms to be very spacious and each having their own fully-furnished bath area. The rooms are also designed with their own flat screen LCD TV with cable, large storage furniture and each having their own entrances and exits outside mainly coming from the bedroom. The property is also fitted with high-speed internet connection, WiFi, unlimited calls overseas. 3 DVD players and tons of movies to watch, you can log on to for more information about the house and how you can rent it.


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