Palm Springs Vacation Rentals: Exciting Things That you can to do in Palm Springs California

Exciting Things That you can to do in Palm Springs California 

Palm springs has been one of the top tourist destination since years. It is beautifully nestled in the desert of California, and perfectly combines the cosmopolitan sensibility with the adventurous spirit. You can do many exciting things in Palm Springs. Read on about some fun destinations in this Californian paradise.

There is a towering monument at the height of about 9000 feet on the top of Mount Jacob that oversees the Palm Springs village at its base. There are more than 55 miles of well maintained hiking trails for all those with the adventurous bend of mind and pass through the evergreen forest with the temperatures that are quite less than the desert that lies below.

If you love hiking, you can start with the Palm Springs Indian Canyons that are managed by the various descendants of the Native American Settlers. The Indian Canyons actually includes Murray Canyons Andreas and Palm. They are great for all those who love adventure, hiking, horse riding and so on.

Just a mile away from the Indian Canyons, there is a Tahquitz Canyon where you can embark on the guided tours that can take you to into the deep crevices in the Mount San Jacinto from where you can enjoy the cascading waterfall that became famous in the Frank Capra’s masterpiece “Lost Horizon” in 1937.

If you are interested in the breathtaking view of the desert, you should definitely visit the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. With a eight minutes ride up, you will find yourself about two miles above the vast desert floor. From here, you can get a breathtaking view of flora and fauna beneath on your way to the top. You will actually be traveling through various climates that can be compared to arid Sonoma in Mexico to some areas that resemble Canadian tundra.

If you are interested in some of the best educational attractions in the Palm Springs, you can visit Palm Springs Art Museum. This is one of the best US Museum that is promoting the performing and visual art and houses diverse collection of the exhibits.

All those who are interested in spending their time wandering through streets and shopping in the open air market, can visit the Village Fest. It takes place on each Thursday right in the center of the Palm Springs and is filled with lots of fun.

Aside from this, there are many night watch adventures for the night owls, which can provide them with one of the best possible adventures in this desert paradise. They can embark of their nocturnal voyage amidst darkness and shadows in the cool desert landscape. Many local companies offer off and on road biking tours and hot air ballooning adventures where you get champagne and group discounts!

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